What’s the problem?
Have you heard the saying ” An entrepreneur is someone who solves problems”?

That is a catchy phrase. And one might think if an entrepreneur has a solution to a problem one would need that product.
But beware!
What is the product? What is the solution? And what is actually YOUR problem?

Let’s say you have only one leg. Then you have a problem. An entrepreneur that produces prostheses has probably the perfect solution for you.
Then on the other hand you might have a perfectly healthy body but it doesn’t “fit” the standards of society on having “THE” perfect body. And the next entrepreneur has a “solution” to that.
Do you need that solution or are your needs the solution for the entrepreneur?
And here you want to start to be critical and have some serious thoughts on who has a solution and who needs it!

In other words does any kind of industry (be it food, life-style, finances or self-improvement and so on) have solutions or do they create problems for which they provide the solutions for?

If you hear somebody tell you, they have the perfect investment in “Bitcoin” or they know exactly on how to get ahead in MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) or they have the newest way on how to lose weight, ask yourself: is this a solution to my problem or is there a problem being created to which I then presumably need a solution to?
Or again differently said, be aware or become aware of the specific problems you have and then inform yourself thoroughly on the solutions available!

Don’t let anybody tell you, they have the solution for your problem!
Be conscious of your problems or needs and then go out and inform yourself on who offers a solution to it!

That in the end will make you the creator of the solutions to your problems (if there are any) and not someone who runs after any new hype on any kind of problems out there that might not concern you at all.